Best Ice Maker Machine For Home 2021

Many occasions require a lot of ice and the ice trays can only get you so far. Check out our list to find out the best ice maker machine for home use

Below are the 9 best household ice makers that we would like to recommend to you.

  1. OYLUS Commercial Ice Maker – Best Overall: Sitting at the top of the list is the commercial-grade, two-water-inlet OYLUS ice maker. This machine has high ice-making efficiency and a large capacity. It has many useful features like ice cube size and thickness setting and safety indicator light. The device also comes with a full set of accessories.
  1. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker – Best Customizable Ice Maker: The runner-up is a Euhomy product that is perfect for customized ice cubes. Its LCD, electronic controls, and timer are very smart and convenient. The machine is very productive in quick cycles and runs at a low level of noise. The ice is not broken up nicely right off the mold though.
  1. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker – Best Budget: The compact unit is the most affordable on the list. It has good speed but is noisy.
  2. GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker – Best for Nugget Ice: The machine makes chewable nugget ice fast and is easy to use and clean. It can sync to smartphones but has mediocre buttons and is expensive.
  3. Merax Sentern Ice Maker – Best for Clear Ice Cubes: This ice maker produces crystal clear ice cubes in three sizes. Its efficiency is impressive for its size. You’ll need to break up the ice sheets.
  4. Frigidaire Stainless Ice Maker – Best for Bullet Ice: The product pumps out large thick ice pellets in three sizes. It doesn’t have a self-cleaning mode and refrigerated storage.
  5. Igloo Automatic Ice Maker – Best Quiet Option: A great device for households that require quietness and moderate to low ice production. But it doesn’t have an indicator light or timer.
  6. ODEC Countertop Ice Maker – Best Portable Option: This is an energy-saving, compact ice maker which is suitable for countertop and portable use. It offers two size options of bullet ice and a self-cleaning function. But the ice in storage melts quickly.
  7. Scotsman CU50GA Ice Maker – Best Undercounter Option: This is a durable, heavy-duty ice maker that can work outdoors and under-counter. It makes slow-melting ice and has a useful water-quality sensor. But it is very noisy while running.

A Buying Guide for The Best Ice Maker Machine for Home

This guide will tell you how to look for the best ice maker machine for home use.

Production and Capacity

The first two things to consider are the ice production and the storage capacity of the machine. If you frequently host parties or have friends coming over, a commercial-grade ice maker should be the choice. Otherwise, a countertop compact machine is enough for your family’s daily use.

Speed is another important aspect. When you are having a lot of guests to serve, you would want a machine that can keep up with your demand, especially if its capacity is not great.

Shape and Quality of the Ice

There are few different types of ice that household ice makers often offer, like bullet, nugget, cube, sphere, or crescent. Different types of ice are preferably paired with different kinds of dinks. So it is ideal to get a machine that can give you ice in multiple shapes.

Uncontaminated, clear ice is what spirits enthusiasts hold in high regard. The thickness of the ice also can affect the taste of your drink. In some ice makers, you can customize this aspect of the ice.


Usually, household ice makers either are countertop or under-counter. Countertop ice makers are compact, portable machines with lesser production and capacity. While the second type can produce ice at a commercial level but is heavier and bulkier.

Additional Features

Some additional features that are popular among customers include an automatic timer, ice customization, and self-cleaning mode. An ice maker which can work as a water dispenser is certainly convenient too.


Now we will answer some FAQs from customers.

How Does An Ice Maker Operate?

The first step is pumping water into the molds. Then the machine will start the freezing progress with a compressor and a fan or some prongs. When the progress is done, the device will heat the prongs or the molds to release the ice.

Depending on the product, each ice-making cycle ranges from 5 to 20 minutes. And with most portable ice makers, you need to fill up the water reservoir yourself.

How to Clean An Ice Maker?

Remember to unplug the device first. Then you can start emptying the reservoir of any water. It is recommended to use a little vinegar and lukewarm water to clean the ice bin.

If you haven’t spilled any drink on the exterior, a simple wipe down with a wet cloth is enough. Clean off all residual water afterward and let everything dry completely before putting them together.

You should let the machine run a couple of cycles and throw away the ice. Or if there is a cleaning option, hit it.

How to Fix An Ice Maker?

These are some simple troubleshooting that you should do before paying for a professional repair. You should start with checking the power cord for damage or accidental removal.

Then you can move on to the water reservoir. Make sure it is not empty and the water sensor works normally by cleaning it.

To fix water blockage, remove and thoroughly clean the water filters. You should check the pipes and water lines as well.


Our choice for the best ice maker machine for home use is the OYLUS Commercial Ice Maker. It is because of its superior production, useful function, and included accessories.

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker is also a great option if you are looking for a user-friendly unit to make customizable ice cubes.

Updated: August 31, 2021 — 9:57 am